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Criminal Law

Our firm represents people facing a wide range of state and federal criminal charges throughout southwest Idaho.

Being accused of a crime and having criminal charges filed against you can be a frightening experience. Your freedom depends on understanding your legal rights in a complex and confusing system. This is a difficult task for most people. Our firm has the experience, dedication, and skill to ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way.

Federal Criminal Charges

Our firm is well qualified to handle any criminal case, including those involving charges at the federal level. Our firm has extensive experience in criminal law and is regularly appointed by the Federal District Court of Idaho to handle a broad scope of federal cases, including complex drug conspiracy cases, white collar crime, and federal habeas corpus cases.

State Criminal Charges and Infractions

In addition to federal cases, our firm handles all felony and misdemeanor criminal cases at the state level.

Whether this is your first time facing criminal charges or you have had previous misdemeanor or felony convictions, our firm can help. We will apply our knowledge and skill to protect your rights and see your case resolved to your greatest advantage.

Our office handles all state criminal charges and infractions, including:

  • DUI / DWI
  • Traffic infractions
  • Idaho Transportation Department Hearings
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Weapon charges
  • Drug charges
  • Theft / shoplifting
  • Domestic assault / violence
  • Juvenile crime
  • Probation violations
  • Sex crimes, including sexual assault
  • White collar crimes, including embezzlement, fraud and forgery

Idaho Crim. Rules, R. 54.3(a)
All appeals permitted or authorized by these rules, may be made only by the physical filing of a notice of appeal with the clerk of the district court of the county wherein the magistrate trial was held, within forty-two (42) days from the date evidenced by the filing stamp of the clerk of the court on the judgment, order or decree appealed. The time to appeal from any criminal judgment, order or decree in an action is terminated by the filing of a motion within fourteen (14) days of the entry of the judgment which, if granted, could affect the judgment or sentence in the action, in which case the appeal period commences to run upon the date of the clerk’s filing stamp on the order deciding such motion.